These folks demonstrate that one does not always need to depend on a car to get around. Source: UCLA Transportation archives.

In my Google Reader, I caught this headline from the Pew Research Center: "Daily Number: 86% -A car is a necessity".

That means 14% of people do not see car ownership as a necessity. Admittedly, car ownership has remained at the top of the necessities list for 40 years.

But there has been a downward shift between Pew's 2008 and 2010 surveys - the rate of people who do not see car ownership as a necessity has grown by two percentage points, which may be statistically significant if Pew's sample size is large enough.

Furthermore, research by J.D. Power Associates (as reported by the Los Angeles Times) suggests that the love affair between young people and cars is cooling. Perhaps the economy has something to do with this. However, there has been heightened awareness of sustainability in my generation (I'm a millennial) and bicycling is enjoying a renaissance in America's cities.

So, in this roundabout way, I wish to congratulate the readers of Be A Green Commuter - you are setting a great example for your friends, family, and colleagues, showing them that it is possible to reduce your dependence on solo driving!