Parking Structure 2 Safety Project

During Spring Break, UCLA Transportation made improvements to increase pedestrian safety on Charles E Young Drive by Parking Structure 2.

Frequent visitors to the campus may notice that there are now two new stop signs as well as brighter stripes to define the main crosswalk adjacent to Parking Structure 2, which is adjacent to two Bruin Bus campus shuttle stops and the Court of Sciences.

Before: The crosswalk and stop sign configuration for the primary Parking Structure 2 driveway

After: Improvements to the crosswalk by Parking Structure 2

What precipitated the changes? Well, besides the fact that the configuration was kind of odd (see the picture above), a well-written email from a UCLA employee, who explained that motorists from the south on Charles E Young weren't always stopping at the driveway to Parking Structure 2. The cause was probably a combination of poor lighting (at night) as well as the odd placement of the stop sign at the northside of the PS2 driveway (meaning that you would come to a halt right in front of the driveway).

UCLA Transportation agreed, and made these changes during spring break:

  • Installed new stop signs and painted stop bars and the word "STOP" at the exit driveway for Parking Structure 2 and in the northbound direction on Charles E Young before crossing that driveway (previously you had to come to a stop further up... which was awkward)

  • Added a 'high visibility pedestrian treatment' (which comprises of using 'thermal taping', which is a paint mix that is reflective and makes it easier for motorists to see when they are driving at night)
  • Parking Structure 2 Safety Project

I know that it might seem really difficult sometimes to communicate with a campus service organization. But I hope this story shows that entities such as ours really  trying. We really welcome your ideas, your comments, even your criticism (although you know that the constructive variety will be more productive.) And I know that pedestrian activists might have preferred to see something even fancier, but we really are doing our best given our budget.

So to that employee - thank you for letting us know. I hope things get better out there, so please let us know! E-mail us at transportation at

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