smartmetersOn Thursday, November 5, city officials implemented a new parking program that will directly affect all Westwood visitors and residents.Westwood ParkMe App Screen 1[2]

Aimed at improving parking availability and reducing congestion, LA Express Park is an advanced parking management system that uses in-ground sensors to keep track of open parking spaces and to determine pricing based on real-time demand.

Now, instead of circling the streets to find parking—which causes stress for you and traffic for others—drivers will know where parking is available and how much it costs. The demand-based pricing system will raise parking fees to $2 per hour during high-demand hours and 50 cents during off-peak hours.

LA Express Park will also start to enforce the limit of two-hour parking on all vehicles that choose to park in the Westwood area.

Additionally, a new generation of smart meters has been installed, which allows motorists to not only use coins, credit and debits cards, but also their smartphones to pay for parking. These smart meters will not accept payment for any time beyond the posted time limit, which will help with turnover for parking.

You can pay by phone by registering online or via mobile app here. Scroll down for a cool video about LA Express Park.