EarnABike_AllWeb_blogThe Earn-A-Bike program is officially launching today. Aimed at encouraging bicycling as a sustainable commute to campus, Earn-A-Bike offers UCLA staff and faculty the chance to earn a brand new, fully-equipped bicycle—all for the price of a parking permit.

UCLA is a Silver Status Bicycle-Friendly University, and this new program further proves our commitment to make bicycling convenient, economical and safe.

Join the Earn-A-Bike program and receive a $400 voucher to Helen’s Cycles in exchange for your parking permit.  Participants will be able to select either a Trek 7.0 FX (hybrid bike) or a Trek 820 (mountain bike). Both bicycles come equipped with a helmet, light set and lock.

Bicycling not only improves your overall health, it also improves the health of our environment. Plus, save yourself the stress and costs of parking on campus.

For more information or to register for the program, visit our website.