Welcome to UCLA, new Bruins! You've probably reviewed your budget for food, housing, books and tuition, but have you thought about how to save money on transportation during college? Keeping a car on campus can pile up expenses including parking, gas, insurance and maintenance. We've got several money-saving alternative transportation options available at UCLA that can take you wherever you'd like to go.

Here's a list of our most popular discounts and freebies just for Bruins:


BruinBus shuttles travel around campus, to the Wilshire Center and Weyburn (new this fall quarter). Shuttles run constantly throughout each weekday, and each ride has the best price of all: Free! Just wait at the stop nearest you and hop on to the next shuttle that arrives. You can even view a live map of all the BruinBuses on campus or receive text alerts before the next shuttle comes by. Learn more at www.bruinbus.ucla.edu.

BRUINGO! TRANSIT: 50 cents/ride or $33 for unlimited rides/quarter

The BruinGO! Transit program at UCLA includes access to the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus and the Culver CityBus. Both providers' routes cover the Westside of Los Angeles but also extend as far as Downtown.

BruinGO! Transit is by far the most popular choice of public transit program among UCLA students. We cover half the cost of each of your rides so you can make the most of your LA adventures.

Visit the BBB and CCB websites for route and schedule information.


ZIPCAR: $25 membership + drive time  

For those occasions when you need a car for a day trip or to run errands, Zipcar offers affordable short-term vehicle rentals right on campus. Several Zipcars are conveniently parked in various locations throughout UCLA and Westwood.

UCLA students can join Zipcar now for just $25 and get $35 in free driving credit! Go to www.zipcar.com/ucla to sign up.

ZIMRIDE: As low as $4 to travel across LA or $40 for a ride to San Francisco

Zimride is an online system where Bruins post rides to share with other members of the UCLA community. Zimride's Facebook integration allows you to find out if you have any friends in common with your driver and lets you get to know your ridesharing partners before committing to a ride. Regular commutes to campus and one-way road trips to popular destinations like the San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe can be booked through Zimride. Save money, meet new friends and cut down on carbon emissions by filling empty seats on the road. Membership is free: Go to www.zimride.com/ucla to sign up.