bbbThe Big Blue Bus system will be adding a first-ever direct bus route from UCLA to Sawtelle Boulevard. The change was approved by the Santa Monica City Council on April 28 as part of the Big Blue Bus Expo Line Integration Plan, which also includes the consolidation of the Line 12 and Rapid 12 routes on Westwood Boulevard.

The new proposal will create more north-south bus services to complement the east-west route of the Expo Light Rail Line slated to open next year. A 25-cent fare increase will be implemented to fund the plan. However, UCLA Transportation will continue to offer a reduced 50-cent fare to ride, as well as quarterly passes at a 50% discount.

The new Sawtelle Boulevard route will be Line 17, starting at UCLA and ending at the Expo Line’s Culver City station. Other changes outlined in the plan include additional service times for the Rapid 12 line—which would end at Venice Boulevard and Overland Avenue instead of the Culver City station.

The first phase of the Big Blue Bus Expo Line Integration Plan will be implemented in August, but adjustments to Line 12 will not take effect until summer 2016.