Zimride has added a few new and exciting features to their profiles, including mutual friends, likes, interests and verifications!

Zimride is a fantastic online tool that helps you connect to people in your area who are interested in ride sharing. If you go to www.zimride.com/ucla, you can quickly and easily find fellow Bruins to catch a ride with. And with these new additions to Zimride profiles, finding that perfect match is easier than ever.

The new features include:

  1. Mutual Friends. When you come across a potential match on Zimride, you'll now be able to see if you have any Facebook friends in common.
  2. Likes and Interests. You can now add your likes and interests to your profile and find out more about your new passenger (or driver). Share your ride with someone who will join in while you dance to Lady Gaga during your drive!
  3. Verifications. Instantly see how many positive reviews your potential carpooler has received so you can be sure you'll be a match made in heaven.

Head on over to Zimride to update your profile and find your next ride! If you have any questions, check our their FAQ.