SleepPhotoEver been so tired you drag your feet through the day like a scene from The Walking Dead?

Sleep is an often underrated, overlooked necessity. About 1 in 3 Americans do not get enough sleep. And for college students, it's even worse. Nearly 70% of college students don't get sufficient sleep. Luckily, this is a lifestyle choice that UCLA students should ultimately feel empowered to change.

That's why our new Sleep GameZzz video—which made its debut at yesterday's Live Well: Sleep Revolution event—is part video game and part real life.

In Sleep GameZzz, the protagonist, Jo-Ann, is an undergraduate student at UCLA. She is the main character of a popular role-playing video game where her decisions guide her through the weeks before an important upcoming exam. Jo-Ann’s 8-bit adventure is led by her goal to increase her health meter as she learns to make healthy lifestyle choices and achieve a good night’s sleep.

We highly encourage you to take a second to watch it and find out what happens when you don't get enough sleep.