TAPHow many of you have experienced that awkward, line-holding, nerve-racking moment of not being able to find change for your bus ride? Well, never again. Because it's finally happened.

All 26 transit agencies in LA County have finally joined TAP, which means that one card is all you need to get around.

You can also now use your TAP card for the Westwood FlyAway and pay $8 instead of $10 for its hourly, direct service between LAX and Westwood.

Metro will be releasing a new card design next month to celebrate finally having the "largest seamless transit network in the nation." But don't worry—this won't affect current TAP cards, which will still be valid.

TAP cards can be purchased online, at vending machines located in all Metro Rail and Orange Line stations, or at about 400 vendors countywide.

Click here for the complete list of all 26 TAP-friendly transit agencies.