Metro will be running their latest Share the Road campaign starting this month until May in order to increase the public's awareness on bicycle traffic safety as Bike Week (May 13-17) approaches.

Keep an eye (and ear) out for signs on buses and billboards and radio spots with the message "Every Lane Is A Bike Lane... Bicyclists may need a full lane; Please share the road." These signs will remind drivers that bicyclists have the same rights to use all available lanes in the street. Bicyclists may need to use the full lane to safely navigate specific road and traffic conditions.

There are several situations in which bicyclists are specifically permitted to leave their usual position on the far right of the street:

  • To avoid obstacles and unsafe conditions (including the door zone along parallel-parked vehicles)
  • To pass another bicyclist, car or bus
  • To prepare for a left turn
  • To avoid an area where right turns are made
  • When traveling as fast or faster than other traffic at that time and place
  • When the lane is too narrow to share with a vehicle

Safety is always of utmost importance. If you're driving, remember that bicyclists have the same rights to the road that you do.