Earlier today, Metro's The Source announced the publication of a news release on bus routes facing route or schedule adjustments starting Sunday, June 27. They include the following routes directly serving UCLA:

  • the 720 (Santa Monica to Commerce via Wilshire Boulevard and Whittier Boulevard): There will be a new short-line terminal at Central Av at 6th St. The regular route will travel to  6th/San Pedro, and then Central to layover.
  • 2/302 (Downtown to Pacific Palisades via Sunset Boulevard). There will be timetable changes.

The 305 is not listed in the news release. However, there are many other routes affected, so if you are a regular Metro rider, I suggest you visit the news release to see if there are changes to the bus routes you ride.

Additionally, Dana Gabbard of LA Streetsblog wrote a very thorough entry last Friday related to the service cuts that Metro's governance councils are studying for December. My buddys beloved 920 (Wilshire Rapid Express, aka the Magic Bus) is on the cutting board, although one-half of those buses will become 720s. If you see your bus route in that blog entry, and you don't think it belongs there, Dana Gabbard's advice to you would be to identify the governance council your route falls under, and get organized fast. (Literally, hes ays something to that effect in the comments.) Let us know if your route is in jeopardy in the comments.