To mark the start of National Bike Month, my significant other and I figured out a strategy for storing our modes of sustainable transportation indoors yesterday.

These modes include two much beloved Xootr MGs (read what I have to say about their speed, safety, convenience, and social attributes) and three bikes (a Jamis Allegro 1X, a Giant road bike, and a Giant mountain bike).

For the past year and a half, we have stored the bikes outdoors on our deck, which extends the length of our apartment. This has not worked out. It was a major hassle to get the bike out of the deck, which deterred me from riding. (One could also make a quip about the @I_405, but I'll save that for another day.)

Plus, the use of the tarp to ward off rain did not stop rust from developing on my bike.

So, with the purchase of yet another bike - this time, a commuter hybrid for my sig-o -we realized things HAD to change. But where on earth would the bikes go? Our apartment, a 600-square foot one-bedroom, isn''t exactly that big.

After some debate, we decided to get rid of my desk. I'll miss the desk, but it wasn't like I was using it much since.

Making the decision to get rid of the desk, even though it was pretty small, actually opened up a lot of possibilities in our apartment. We initially thought of going with some bike hooks to hang our bikes on the wall like these:

Bike storage tire hooks from the Delta Leonardo line.

But ultimately, we wound up reconfiguring a bike rack we already owned to comfortably fit two bikes and our two Xootrs. The other bikes will get stored outdoors.

Sirinya stands by her bike in her apartment's new Sustainable Transportation storage corner.