Please allow me to apologize for the absence of Lunchtime Headlines last Friday. I had taken the day off to go look at prospective wedding sites! But enough of the personal; lets' get down to business.

The cover of the first edition of the Green Guide to Sustainable Living at UCLA.

Thursday and Friday were big days for UCLA Transportation. The UCLA Daily Bruin featured our department twice. On Thursday, the Daily Bruin released an audio feature about student parking assistants.

And on Friday, the Daily Bruin ran a story on BruinBus's new GPS tracking and real-time information system. Toward the end, there was a brief mention of the new Grocery Shuttle that debuted on Saturday. (More on that later today!)

On a separate note, UCLA's Housing and Hospitality Services, Office of Residential Life, and Education for Sustainable Living Program partnered together to develop The Green Guide to Life at UCLA, which was released earlier this month and distributed to every on-campus student.

I'm pleased to report that there is a section on Transportation that mentions the virtues of walking, Zimride, Zipcar, cycling, and riding mass transit. (It also accurately reported the new BruinGo! copay and the Metro fare increase, which was impressive since it could've been an overlooked detail.)

Check it out - you can download it here.