Now, it is just FOUR more days to CicLAvia. I'm strategizing where to take my parents, who will be venturing to this historic event from their digs in the SFV, to eat: Mama's Hot Tamales? Langers? Here is an awesome video promoting this monumental event:

In other news, The Daily Bruin ran two stories related to Westwood Village this morning, the pedestrian-oriented business district just south of the University.

  • "A Majestic Revival" (Daily Bruin, 10/7/2010). Under new ownership, the Majestic Crest - which is just south of Westwood and Wilshire - has been refurbished, reports the Daily Bruin:
  • With new owners, the Crest has also received some revitalizing touches: a top-notch digital projector, upgraded surround sound, a new screen and, finally, the ability to show 3D movies. Also, with Carmike’s connections, the theater will be able to bring in first-run films such as “Saw,” “Tangled” and “Tron.”

  • "Simple Steps Students, Businesses Can Take to Revitalize Westwood" (Daily Bruin, 10/7/2010). It's no secret that Westwood Village, with its vacant storefronts, is a shell of its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s. This editorial makes the case that students could positively impact the Westwoodian economy through the patronization of existing businesses. It also suggests that free parking and bringing back non-chains will attract customers. This editorial touches upon some valid points. There is this prevailing misconception that parking is scarce in the Village. In the Village's heyday, there were many non-chain businesses. But what this editorial writer did not unearth in her research is that there were also many chain businesses in the Village, like JC Penney, Thom McCann's, national dime stores, and Bullock's. Furthermore, there are a lot of political players vested in the future of Westwood, some of whom argue that students have no place in their realm. It is good that there is student interest in the Village, though I'd suggest that really impacting the future of this area requires getting hands dirty, figuratively and literally.