This Pearl Izumi bike jersey in the color Screaming Yellow is bright enough, hopefully, to be seen by bus drivers. (See story bellow).

  • Ohmygod. This is upsetting: Speeding BMW runs red light and causes a horrible crash with a school bus full of children yesterday and kills a pedestrian. (LA Streetsblog also educates readers on the difference between a crash and an accident. Said event was a crash. Hopefully I'll keep that straight.)
  • LAist reports that the majority of LA taxis are to go green within the next five years... I now have a little less guilt about steering people toward cabs as an option in going car-free or car-lite
  • Can bikes and buses coexist? Via an interview with a(n anonymous) bus driver published in Publicola, I learned that it is essential that I accessorize to be seen (bright colored clothing, front and rear lights), pass on the left of a bus, and allow three feet between my bike and a bus.
  • A little racy, heavy on the humor, definitely entertaining. Somebody has started a Twitter feed called @The10Freeway (via LAist). I blushed, but still think it will entertain Be A Green Commuter readers and elicit sighs, bursts of bravado (that they don't deal with the 10), or raised eyebrows.