• En route to the Metro Board of Directors meeting on this Thursday: a proposal to build a bike hub at the corner of Hollywood & Vine (via Soapbox LA). Stephen Box, project advocate, says that the Hollywood Bike Hub will be a "a bike facility where people could not only safely park their bikes, but also rent bikes, get minor repairs done, and buy bike accessories, such as lights, patch kits, pump, etc. to make their commute more convenient, comfortable, and safe." In other words, the kind of stuff that Be A Green Commuters like and need more of. Check out Westwood-based architect Jeremy Grant's rendering of the bike hub in the YouTube video above.
  • Los Angeles Times architectural critic Christopher Hawthorne wrote a lovely essay expounding on the underlying fear (and fallacies) beneath the criticisms of the proposed Westside Subway Extension as well as of the densification of Los Angeles in general. A Los Angeles with comprehensive transit, cycling, and pedestrian infrastructure, along with densification in core corridors, particularly (for me, at least) on the reasonably-priced housing starved Westside, will very likely be a better Los Angeles for UCLA-based Be A Green Commuters.
  • Members of the online board College Confidential had an interesting thread in response to a query from a member asking how to get back to UCLA from Staples Center using mass transit at night. The consensus appeared to be for the student to walk up to the center of downtown to catch the 720:

The 20 and 720 are solid ways to get between Staples Center and UCLA if you are able to do some walking.