A pedometer is a great way to motivate myself to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Katie reports on a study that finds that people who walk 6-9 miles a week lose less brain matter, even if they develop symptoms of dementia. Alzheimer runs in my family, so I will keep on walking.

  • The blog Transport Politic wrote a very nice story about the Westside Subway Extension. Transit advocates from LA (like Scott Mercer) and many others are debating the merits of many issues (i.e. heavy vs. light rail; subway alignment between Beverly Hills and Century City; whether it was short-sighted for Metro staff to nix the possibility of building Dan Wentzel's beloved Pink Line as heavy rail..) For the record, UCLA supports the Westside Subway Extension.
  • More from my friend Katie's blog, Where the Sidewalk Starts:

A longitudinal study of older adults (average age 78) released this month in the journal Neurology shows that walking at least 72 blocks a week, or six to nine miles, leads to greater volumes of grey matter--and less memory loss--over time. About 40 percent of study participants developed some form of dementia over the course of the study, but those who had more grey matter because of walking reduced their risk of cognitive impairment by two-fold