Mayor Villaraigosa poses at the launch of CicLAvia at Hollenbeck ParkM

Mayor Villaraigosa rocks a UCLA jersey at the launch of CicLAvia in Boyle Height's Hollenbeck Park. Image by Alex Thompson of Bikeside. Reprinted under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0.

The two big things in my Google Reader are

  • CicLAvia: People are still gushing about the inaugural closure of 7.5 miles in LA. Bikeside's Alex Thompson took gorgeous pictures (including one of me with the Boxes): Maddie at the UCLA Urban Planning Virtual Lounge experienced CicLAvia on foot. She said the event represented the diversity of Los Angeles. The Boxes also produced this video, which included comments by a variety of Livable Streets activists plus my fiance, Juan:

    Alex Thompson took this great picture of me with the Boxes (Stephen and Enci) while we stood over a 110 Freeway bridge

    Alex Thompson took this great picture of me with the Boxes (Stephen and Enci) while we stood over a 110 Freeway bridge. Picture by Alex Thompson/Bikeside. Reprinted here thanks to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0

  • Westside Subway Extension: The Westside Subway Extension Team released a report with its recommendations for Board approval. Steve Hymon at Metro's The Source and Damien Newton at LA Streetsblog provide a summary. I actually opened the PDF (yes, go me) and caught an important paragraph regarding the future Westwood/UCLA station (page 6):
    • The team recommends further study of the on- and off-street options in the final Environmental Impact Report.
    • The off-street option in UCLA's Lot 36 would reduce traffic impacts stemming from construction. However, Metro's report says that there are planned development projects for Lindbrooke Drive that would make off-street construction much more costly and logistically challenging.
    • If the land use issues are resolved in the project's favor, then the off-street option remains on the table.
    • Thus, it makes sense for Metro to continue studying both the on- and off-street options.