Broken road infrastructure in North Westwood Village. Photo from Daniel Hage's 2008 capstone project

  • “Westwood’s Rocky Roads” – today’s op-ed writer in the Daily Bruin calls for an online forum for people to raise their concerns about the crumbling road and sidewalk infrastructure in North Westwood Village. She is critical of the meeting structure for the Westwood Neighborhood Council, calling it inconvenient and irrelevant for today’s student residents of NWV.
  • “Road Safety, Speed Limit Increases on Schitzophrenic T-Committee Agenda” (via LA Streetsblog). Of note is Damien’s reference to Councilmember Paul Koretz (the councilmember for UCLA and Westwood), who is “stuck” with a road widening project as the only applicant for federal “Highway Safety Improvement Projects”. According to Damien, the purpose of this project is to achieve congestion relief. It’s a sentence which drips in irony.
  • "Is it safe to drive frequently from LA to Huntington Beach at 10 PM?" Occasionally, people will pose questions related to commuting to UCLA on Yahoo questions. Presumably, this person is seeking to commute SOV-style from the OC to Westwood. Anyway, people in the Yahoo Questions world are very nice; they told the questioner that driving back at night should be safe, but that her commute to a class that starts at 6PM will be thorny. (Comment snipped.)