Time, location, and date finalized for "Getting Around LA Without A Car".

  • Cyclists around LA should be rejoicing (like I am) because the City Planning Commission agreed to form a subcommittee to examine the issues still remaining in the draft LA Bike Plan. Kudos to all of those who attended, particularly because they had to wait until after 12:30 p.m. to be heard (at a meeting that started at 8 or 8:30AM).
  • Los Angeles Times architectural critic Christopher Hawthorne reflects on the implications of the Republican landslide in the House, and notes that the Westside Subway Extension will do a lot to expand accessibility to UCLA:

UCLA too will play a new regional role after it's connected to the subway. As traffic has worsened in recent years — particularly on the Westside — the university has grown increasingly remote. A subway stop in Westwood will begin to change that. Still, given the likely distance between a Westwood station and the heart of campus, well-designed pedestrian and bike connections between the stop and UCLA will become crucial.

  • "Young people on car ownership? Meh". (Streetsblog.) The percentage of car ownership and drivers license holders amongst millennials are down. Personally, it doesn't seem that way for most people I know my age in the LA metro area (with the exception of the plannerds/livable street advocates I know and love). But perhaps there is some truth to this on the UCLA campus: transit pass sales are up, while we've loosened criteria for student parking permit sales to include those who live in zipcode 90024 who have verifiable off-campus employment in order to recoup the decline in demand for parking permits. (Really.)