• Yesterday, the LACBC posted a checklist (PDF) on its blog of what to do if hit by a car while on your bicycle. They include the following:
  1. Call 9-1-1
  2. Car license plate
  3. Car make+model+color
  4. Driver’s name+license #
  5. Driver’s phone #
  6. Driver’s address
  7. Driver’s insurance policy #, co.
  8. Car Owner? Who?
  9. Witness(es) info
  10. Confirm above from driver’s license (don’t take their word for it)
  11. Get a police report!
  12. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES (of driver, too)!

I've printed this out for my own bike, and I encourage you to do so yourself. Don't do what I saw someone do last Friday night, which was get into a verbal altercation with another motorist, which led to the motorist chasing that person down and calling him a "f-ing idiot".


  • Yes, motorcycle parking is still free at UCLA. (Daily Bruin.)
  • An update on TAP” (The Source).
  • Steve Lopez of the LA Times shakes his head, says that the subway to the sea shouldn't end 3 miles from the sand. (LA Times).