• Reporting for Duty. Michael Cahn, a history lecturer and LACBC board member, is relaunching the UCLA Bicycle Academy, an outlet for bicycle advocacy by staff and faculty. Their next meeting is January 7th.
  • Drivers can be such jerks to cyclists. Gary Kavanagh of Gary Rides Bikes wrote this well-written, moving, but incredibly depressing, blog entry about his encounter with a passive-aggressive motorist on Colorado a few days ago. The moral of the story is that drivers do not have a God given right to the road; cyclists, grace, patience and the science of traffic signal timing are on your side; and while Gary was too nice to give choice words to the motorist, I will gladly defend Gary's right to the road.
  • Brentwood Community Leaders Wants out of Bus Only Lanes. On Tuesday, Damien at LA Streetsblog ran a story about the bubbling opposition to the Wilshire BRT project in Brentwood. Brentwood's Community Council (not to be confused with a neighborhood council, one of which Brentwood does not have) voted unanimously to oppose the BRT going through its stretch of Wilshire. But speaking for myself, I think they're a bit too late to the game. I went through the comments section of the Wilshire BRT environmental impact report, and there are hundreds of signatures from Condo Canyon residents who oppose the bus-only lanes going through their stretch of Wilshire.

I'm taking off tomorrow to take some friends on a transit-oriented adventure, so have a good weekend!