For starters, hello December. Just 17 days until we can peace out for the (mandated) holiday break! I know I'm looking forward to it.

But meanwhile, on with the news:

  • " Don't Jaywalk Or Else" during this holiday season is the message from the LAPD is sending to those of us who walk (wait, at one point or another, we are all pedestrians) in downtown LA. LA Streetsblog slams the the downtown precinct of the LAPD for its crackdown on jaywalking, suggesting that the LAPD should be more concerned about motorists who make rolling stops on red instead of peds who enter the street on a flashing red hand signal.
  • Humorously (or maybe not), members of the band Imperial Stars have been charged with felony conspiracy for its stunt on the 101 Hollywood Freeway. Earlier this fall, Imperial Stars parked a long truck that blocked three lanes of traffic during rush hour to perform a song it called "Traffic Jam 101".
  • Apparently, it will soon be okay to bring guns on Amtrak, according to a story in the Sacramento Bee. They need to be packed in the locked baggage hold. The new Amtrak policy aligns with gun policy for air travel.