Mobile BruinBus screenshot. If you type "" into your mobile phone, you can access arrival time information for the UCLA BruinBus! Photo by D. Chi

Students, staff and faculty are now just one phone call away from the next BruinBus. Effective today, all UCLA campus shuttle routes including Campus Express, Wilshire Express, Northwest Shuttle and the University Apartments will have “live” predictive bus arrival information on the web at

This new technology lets you know where the next BruinBus is and when it will arrive.  You can check bus arrivals via landline, cell phone, web-enabled device or computer to find the next BruinBus. BruinBus real-time tracking will also be included in the release of the UCLA Mobile Web, beginning September 7th.

UCLA Fleet and Transit is providing this predictive arrival system which utilizes satellite technology and advanced computer modeling to track bus movement and stop patterns on the respective routes of all UCLA campus shuttle buses. The system triangulates designated stops and traffic patterns with actual bus locations to predict when the next BruinBus will arrive with an accuracy of within 1-2 minutes.“The use of real-time technology is designed to better serve the University community and increase bus availability,” said Maria Collins, UCLA Transit Manager. “Not only will this put us at the forefront of the use of smart bus technology, but it will connect us directly with our customers.”

Each of the BruinBus stops around campus will display a designated bus stop code, a telephone number and a web link for real-time tracking. Riders simply go to the website or call the telephone number and enter the bus stop code to determine how many minutes before the arrival of the next two BruinBuses. Frequent users can simply program the number into their phone to quickly call whenever needed or set up alerts to automatically notify them of bus arrivals at a specific time.  Instead of repeatedly requesting arrival times, the user can simply set an alert for a specific stop daily.

“This new system doesn’t make the BruinBuses faster or more frequent, but there is something empowering about knowing you have time to grab a cup of coffee or tea before the next bus,” said Collins.

UCLA’s annual one million plus BruinBus riders can now plan to arrive at the bus stop within moments of a bus’ actual arrival time.  No more needless standing at a bus stop during inclement weather or after dark waiting for the bus to arrive.  And the time spent waiting at a shuttle stop wondering if you just missed the bus or how soon the next bus is coming will now be a thing of the past.

This real-time technology will enable UCLA Fleet and Transit to deliver a more efficient shuttle program and will “Keep UCLA Moving!”