UCLA Transportation recently installed new signage in parking structures to remind drivers to "Lock it, Hide it, Keep it." These are three simple precautions that vehicle owners can take to minimize the chances of burglary and theft from their cars. You may have also noticed "Lock it, Hide it, Keep it" banners and billboards the LAPD posted around Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. It's especially important to keep these guidelines in mind during shopping trips when you may be storing merchandise for long periods of time in an unattended vehicle.

Follow these guidelines to keep your valuables safe:

  1. Lock It: Lock your vehicle every time you leave it unattended and always lock your valuables in the trunk.
  2. Hide It: If you don’t have a trunk, hide valuables under the seats, in the glove box or other compartments within the vehicle.
  3. Keep It: Personal responsibility is the best prevention to safeguard personal property and to prevent becoming a victim.

GPS devices, cell phone/chargers and cash are the most targeted items in auto-related property crime. Remember to double check if any valuable items are visible in your car and lock your vehicle before leaving it.