Note: Signing off at 5:45pm, even though the Expo hearing is still going on almost four hours later. Oh my.


Thank you, Twitterfall, for enabling me to keep up with Expo-related tweets in the Twitterverse

As noted earlier today, the Exposition Construction Authority is currently meeting to vote on whether to approve the final Environmental Impact Report for phase 2. It took awhile for the call-in number for the proceedings to work, so I gave up opted to follow the meeting via a bunch of keyword searches on Twitterfall.

The meeting started at 2; it is still going on as of this writing (5:35p.m.)

The Twitterverse reports that citizens from both sides came out, including about 100 LA-area college students (including our UCLA student bike and transit advocates); representatives from Friends 4 Expo and Neighbors for Smart Rail; and Damien Goodmon, a loquatious twenty-something transit activist who has been actively lobbying Expo to build below-grade crossing by Dorsey High and several other locations.

Readers, I present to you the highlights, in chronological order - and special thanks to Damien Newton and the person behind @expolightrail:

  • @expolightrail - Damien Goodmon blasts Expo Authority Board. Neighbors for Smart Rail cheer. (Note from Sirinya: You know it's going to be a long, raucous affair when your critic with the most name recognition gets up to the podium, excoriates you, and gets loud applause from his allies.)
  • @expolightrail - Expo staff: over 9000 comments were submitted in response to Draft EIR and each comment was responded to.
  • @expolightrail - Representative for Assemblyman Mike Freuer: my constituents face gridlock everyday. Passage of Measure R was vote against congestion.
  • @expolightrail - Attorney for Neighbors for Smart Rail: submitted box full of comments. Build it right. At-grade light rail doesn't belong in neighborhood.
  • @expolightrail - A resident whose car almost crashed into Blue Line cites her experience for being against at-grade light rail.
  • @expolightrail - Rep from Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center: Expo line will improve quality of life for many residents. Urge Board to certify FEIR.
  • @expolightrail - UCLA Bruins for Traffic Relief: LA's transit system needs to be fixed. Took 1.75 hrs to get to meeting. (Sirinya: Wait, what?? That's crazy.) UCLA Bruins for Traffic Relief: this project is a necessity. Matthew, President of Bruins for Traffic Relief: rail has existed very well in LA.
  • @lastreetsblog USC student Levy: it is an insult to our intelligence when people argue that at-grade crossings are dangerous.
  • @lastreetsblog Ridley-Thomas has motion for no parking at Westwood Station. #ExpoBoard