By Sirinya The (Former) Intern

Thanks to Elana Schor of LA Streetsblog, who highlighted Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's response to an AARP interviewer's request that he define what he means by "livable communities":

"If you don't want an automobile, you don't have to have one."

Trans_Secretary_Ray_LaHood_Discusses_Cash_Jx_HxR08cPwl.jpgTransportation Secretary Ray LaHood (Photo:

Elana's comment: The administration's approach, it seems, is to define its goals in clear, digestible fashion. (Although) not every advocate for cleaner transportation may agree with LaHood's response, but it certainly marks progress in crafting an effective message for the Obama team's nascent livability effort.

How do you feel about this? How do you feel about the "livability" of your own community?