UCLA LADOT Customers:

LADOT is currently undergoing a transition from paper passes to the Transit Access Pass (TAP). The TAP card is a smart card that allows you to load and store your transit pass electronically. Beginning with July passes, UCLA-subsidized LADOT passes will be available exclusively on TAP cards.

Step 1: Purchase / Pick Up your TAP card - Beginning on Tuesday, June 25th, you’ll be able to go to the Central Ticket Office (CTO) and purchase LADOT passes for the next three months: July, August and September. Instead of receiving paper passes for these three months, you will receive one TAP card loaded with three 31-day LADOT passes (each pass provides unlimited rides on LADOT for 31 consecutive days). The price will be the same that you have paid in previous quarters: $120 for three months. The payment process, whether you pay through payroll deduction or with cash/debit, will remain the same.

Step 2: Register for Pass Protection – One of the benefits of the TAP card is pass protection – allowing you to replace your pass in the event that your TAP card is lost or stolen. In order to be eligible for pass protection, you will need to register your card by calling 1-866-TAPTOGO or by visiting http://taptogo.net . The process is easy and it only takes a few minutes. If you do not register your TAP card, you will lose all passes loaded on that card if it is lost or stolen.

Step 3: Use Your TAP Card - Begin using your new TAP card on July 1st. When you board the bus, you will “tap” your card on the card reader. The first time that you use the card, you might need to hold it on the reader for a few seconds in order to activate the pass. The pass will expire 31 days after the first use, after which the next 31-day pass on your TAP card will automatically activate.

Step 4: Renew your pass – Your three 31-day passes will provide access to LADOT buses from the beginning of July through the end of September. Beginning on September 25th, you’ll need to return to CTO and purchase your next three 31-day pass, which will be used for October through December. This time, bring your TAP card with you, and CTO staff will load the new passes onto your existing TAP card.

If you have any questions, please contact (310) 794-7433 or gotransit@ts.ucla.edu.