A photo of an LADOT Commuter Express bus.

The Los Angeles Times's David Zahniser reports that the Los Angeles City Council voted  to increase fares on the Los Angeles Department of Transportation's Commuter Express routes effective July 1st. Since this is recent news, it is unclear how this will impact commuters who purchase subsidized passes from UCLA Transportation at the Central Ticket Office in the long-term (as in, beyond summer quarter).

In the short term, a quarterly pass - which is subsidized 50% by UCLA Transportation - will remain $84 for zone 1 travelers; $106.50 for zone 2 travelers; and $129 for zone 3 travelers.

Information on UCLA Transportation's dedicated page for LADOT on its website will be updated if anything changes, so be sure to bookmark it: http://map.ais.ucla.edu/go/1003370.

If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments or e-mail transportation at ts.ucla.edu.