My 761 bus

My 761 bus by Sirinyay, on Flickr

It's always good to hear that LA is making good on its promises.

On Friday, LAist reported that the Los Angeles City Council approved a directive to begin studying options for improving north-south transit options in the San Fernando Valley. These options include a busway on Van Nuys Boulevard and extending rail service from the North Hollywood Red Line station to the Northeast Valley.

According to the Long Range Transportation Plan, this project is slated for completion by the year 2018.

There will be scoping and public outreach, so I look forward to asking how this might lower travel time for our Valley commuters. I'm also looking forward to stressing the importance of improving travel times and connections to the Westside from the Valley.

Even though an I-405 Sepulveda Pass rapid transit way is not slated to open until the late 2030s under the Long Range Transportation Plan, it does need a little bit of love.

Ken Alpern of CityWatchLA reminded me of this this need today (The Elusive 405 Corridor Rail Line, CityWatch, Vol 8 Issue 28 Pub: Apr 9, 2010), as he noted there isn't presently a grassroots advocacy group to shepherd such a project.