Given the daunting challenges presented by the current economic climate, the Office of the Mayor has created a survey which allows residents to voice their opinions regarding the budget priorities for the upcoming 2009-2010 fiscal year.  Among various items presented on the survey, residents are given the opportunity to rank the priority of different transportation mobility items; such as signal synchronization, infrastructure repair, bike lanes, and pedestrian safety improvements.

The short budget survey is available online through LA City's offial website.

The survey allows residents to rate the performance of different city services from emergency services, traffic control, recreational programs, and workforce development.  The survey also gives the break-down of the current $7.1 billion budget and allows residents to reshape the budget with their respective budget priorities. The survey allows residents to provide input in program reductions as well as reallocating the budget accordingly.

Aside from allowing residents to voice their budget opinions, the survey also provides alarming numbers of LA's current demographics; such as the approximate 40,000 homeless people, or 10,750 miles of sidewalk in current need of repair, or the approximate 72 hours of traffic gridlock the average commuter spends annually.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the survey process, as similar surveys have been used in years past in order to determine the mayor's list of budget items.

M King - Transportation Planning & Policy