bikeshare2Photo by Metro

LA's long-awaited bike share system is finally here!

Starting tomorrow, Angelenos will be able to pick up one of 1,000 bikes from 65 bike hubs in Downtown LA at places like Union Station, Chinatown, Grand Park, Little Tokyo and throughout the Arts District. Many bike share stations are near Metro Rail and and Bus lines, giving transit riders direct access to Metro bikes so they can easily combine bicycle and transit trips.

The new system is available exclusively to pass holders until August 1, 2016, when it will open to all users. Riders can purchase a bike share pass here or add a pass to their existing TAP card. Users with monthly and annual passes pay lower rates per ride. A one-way ride of 30 minutes or less will cost $3.50.


Metro created this cool video to show you how to rent and return a bike. Watch it below. For more information, Metro also recently compiled this top 10 list of things you need to know about their new system.

The $11-million program will add LA to the growing number of cities that have welcomed bike sharing as an affordable, convenient way to make short, point-to-point trips without a car.

Metro is currently looking to expand their bike share system to 15 other communities across LA Country, including Pasadena, the San Gabriel Valley and the San Fernando Valley. At this time, Metro's bikes are incompatible with Santa Monica's Breeze Bike Share.

Bike Share Station Map

Bike Share Station Map