LADOT Bikeways has launched its very own blog, appropriately called the LADOT Bike Blog.

The primary blogger is named Chris, who describes himself as a young intern who is a graduate student in urban planning at USC.

In the first entry, Chris openly acknowledges the rift between LADOT and many cyclists in LA, and says that he hopes that the blog is the first step in improving the quality and depth of its communication with the public:

A lot of friction between the L.A. bicycle community and LADOT Bikeways has risen from our inability to effectively communicate our goals and rationale to a growing, vocal, and increasingly connected bicycle community. LADOT Bikeways can sometimes come across like we’re not doing too much, but it is mainly because we didn’t tell you about all the things we ARE doing.

[For example], Did you know that LADOT Bikeways runs a children’s bicycle safety program? We’ve got a number of bike paths that are in the preliminary design, funded, in construction or about to go to construction stages. We’re working on completing a sharrows study with the LACBC for the City of Los Angeles. We’re working on 14 Bike Lane projects in various stages of design and installation. We’re working on a comprehensive, up-to-date, interactive map of all bicycle parking in LA. We’re working with City Planning on, as I’m sure much of you know, getting a new comprehensive bicycle plan for Los Angeles.

Many thanks to Carlos, my friend at LADOT Bikeways, for letting me know about this while we were hanging out at LA Street Summit 2010.

I'm thrilled and pleased to add them to the blogroll. I recommend following them yourself by adding this link to your RSS feeder: