The Daily Bruin ran two transportation-related stories this morning. Commentary below:

1) “Double-decker I-405 plans in progress”, front page. Sean Greene’s front page story included the Governor’s comment about double-decking the 405 last Wednesday also mentioned Expo, High Speed Rail, and a quote from former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis.

The problem is, that headline is misleading: there are no plans to double-deck the 405, per own my research, which included studying a memo to Metro Board of Director analyzing the funding feasibility of the 2009 Long Range Transportation Plan and conversations I had with other transportation planners.

A Daily Bruin editor (and former Nerd Camper of mine) notified me by Twitter that the responsibility for that headline goes to the copy editor desk, so I’m not going to be so quick to blame the actual story-writer.

2) Metro Westside Extension Subway communications manager Jody Litvak refuted Daniel Feeney’s op-ed on Monday, which argued that the city should stop building a subway in order to save jobs (Feeney op-ed here). Jody pointed out that it’s Metro, and not the City of Los Angeles, that is “planning, funding, building and ultimately operating” the subway and other transit projects. Stopping these infrastructure projects will not free up funding for other services provided by local city governments.