Two employees of UCLA Transportation are at Metro headquarters to attend a Town Hall meeting sponsored by Transportation Secretary Roy LaHood and Senator Barbara Boxer, and a Bicycle Roundtable in the afternoon.

This was preceded by a press conference to increase the visibility of Mayor Villaraigosa's 30-to-10 plan organized by MoveLA, a transportation advocacy organization led by Denny Zane, former mayor of Santa Monica, and UCLA urban planning alumna Marlene Grossman.

Pictures were taken by Damien Newton of LA Streetsblog/Flickr.


Interesting, Denny and MoveLA were able to bring together a diverse group of advocates, some of whom opposed Measure R. Yes, there are people from the Bus Riders Union and FAST.  No, no students from UCLA arein those pictures, but the early start time (8:30am) coupled with the long travel time downtown might have had something to do that...

Attendance at the Town Hall meeting was limited to just one representative per organization (per the verbiage on Luckily, we have Dave Karwaski, our Transportation Planning and Policy manager, in attendance. I'll recruit Dave to explain what this all means for us at UCLA when he comes back. However, if you want the play-by-play, my recommendation is to follow Damien Newton of LA Streetsblog on Twitter @lastreetsblog.

Later today, Mike King, our bike planner, will be representing UCLA Transportation at the Metro Bicycle Roundtable. He'll be joined by student members of the UCLA Bicycle Coalition, which include Herbie Huff MA '11. I'm also positive Damien and Stephen will be live-tweeting there as well.

FYI to those folks: The bicycle parking is not adjacent to the front entrance to the building, like I would have thought, but rather beneath the the Patsasouras building. I wish I had a more explicit explanation, but I tend to get lost in the subterranean garage.