I'm feeling rather subdued this morning, even as I am hopped up on coffee, because of Ted Rogers's blog this morning. He has begun compiling a database to track people who die while riding their bicycles in Southern California (from Santa Maria down to the Mexico border.) Some of his observations:

  • Of those killed in traffic, 11 were the fault of the driver, the cyclist was at fault in nine, and two were undtermined; in two of the 11 collisions where the driver was at fault, poor street design may have been a contributing cause.
  • Four of the deaths were hit-and-runs
  • Despite common accusations against cyclists, none died as a result of running stop signs or red lights.

On a more optimistic note, a proposal to remove the ban on bringing bikes onto Metro Rail trains during peak hours sailed through Metro's operations committee and could go up to a vote by the Metro Board of Directors as early as next week. Thanks to @BikeBlogChris for the heads up.

Also, congratulations to Chris Kidd (aka @BikeBlogChris) for being named the LA-APA's Student Leader of the Year award.


The revised Final environmental impact report for the Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit project is now available.


On a much much lighter note, Diana tried out my Xootr Scooter on Tuesday. We need to encourage her to get one of her own!!