I ride a vanpool from Redondo Beach 4 days/week.  The other day I drive because I volunteer in the evening for Mattel Children’s Hospital.  I look forward each day to riding on the van so I don’t have to worry about all the traffic and crazy drivers there are!  I take a nap to/from work & before I know it, we’re there!  I sometimes wish the commute was a little longer so I can sleep longer but I’m happy to get to work on time each day & get home long before I would if I drove myself.  The two drivers we have on our van are so patient with the traffic & other drivers on the road.  I have to say that I wouldn’t be “so nice & calm” as they are.  Riding the van has saved me a lot of money since the gas prices are so outrageous, as well as, no stress.  It also makes get out of the house/work on time each day so I’m not left behind.  I recommend this for anyone that is able to do this (you’ll love it)!