As we've previously covered, UCLA Events & Transportation recently installed UCLA's first bike lane and bike box. You can find it along Strathmore Place between Charles E. Young Drive West and Westwood Plaza.

Bike boxes increase safety for both cars and bikes by increasing the visibility of cyclists and helping them make safer turns and crossings. Follow the guidelines below to create a safe and courteous campus environment.

How to use the bike box at Strathmore Place and Westwood Plaza

Always remember to scan ahead, signal and move into the appropriate lane.

Turns: If there is a dedicated left-turn or right-turn lane, scan for traffic, signal and merge out of the bike lane into the appropriate turn lane when safe. If there’s too much traffic to merge or if you’re not comfortable making a left turn, dismount your bike and walk your bike in the crosswalk.

Going Straight: If the light is red, ride in the bike lane into the bike box.

Check out the UCLA Bike Shop or Rec Quarterly for upcoming bike safety classes.

What drivers should know about bike boxes

When the traffic signal is yellow or red, motorists must stop at the white stop line behind the green bike box. Don’t stop on top of the bike box. Keep it clear for bicyclists to use. When the light turns green, motorists and bicyclists may move through the intersection as usual, with bicyclists going first.

By the way...why is the bike lane and bike box green?

Green is the exclusive color approved by the Federal Highway Administration for testing for use in bicycle facility marking.