I had wanted to go to the Citadel outlet mall in Commerce, CA for awhile after exhausting the options near Weyburn Terrace for buying business casual clothing at consignment and used clothing stores. But I have no car, and at the time Juancar (my boyfriend's car) was out of commission (that alone merits another entry). Renting a Zipcar seemed fiscally unreasonable, as I couldn't fathom spending $80 a day just to go shopping.

The Citadel is a mixed-use project in a former tire factory designed to imitate an Assyrian castle.  

But many of the 720 buses end at Commerce Center, which led me to wonder how far was the Citadel from the terminus point of that route.

I tried out the Metro Trip Planner, which generated itineraries which recommended transfers to the Local 62, which runs only once an hour on weekends.

So sometimes, the best way to plot out a trip is to pull out the paper version of the Metro bus map, which is what I did. I used a ruler to measure the distance between the Citadel and the nearest point on the 720 line. It turns out that it's only 1.25 miles from the nearest 720 stop and the Citadel, and based on what I saw on Google Maps, I reasoned I could travel that last mile or so on my bicycle.

 How far is it from the 720 stop to the Citadel outlet mall?

For just $2.50 and about an hour of my time each way, I was able to travel 20 miles to the nearest outlet mall to Westwood. There, I got work clothes from Ann Taylor and Bennetton and looked at comfortable shoes from Clark's. There was even bicycle parking, even though it wasn't in as visible a location as I would have liked


(Slight caveat: Make sure you are happy with everything you buy, because as fun as this journey was for me, you don't want to come back to do a return!)

-Sirinya the Intern