This marks the start of an occasional series in which I talk about HOW TO get to different places without driving. Today, we'll start with UC Davis since someone inside UCLA Parents called me with that question.

If it were I who had to travel to UC Davis, I would consider one of these two options:

1) Flying + Bus.

  • Ride the FlyAway to LAX
  • Board a flight from LAX to Sacramento
  • Take the YoloBus Line 42A/B InterCity Loop  (HTML/PDF) from Sacramento airport to the UC Davis Memorial Union, UC Davis's student center. The ride takes approximately 45 minutes.
  • Walk to my final destination

This is more expensive than my second option, which is...

2) Amtrak (Bus + Train)

Amtrak serves the UCLA campus with its Amtrak Thruway bus service, which picks up and drops off passengers at the corner of Gayley and Strathmore. The cost varies between $56 and $92.50, depending on your itinerary. The length of the trip also varies wildly between roughly nine to 13 hours.

Alternatively, one could ride the Greyhound. It is not significantly cheaper than taking Amtrak, and seems to take just as long. Riding the Greyhound also necessitates getting to a bus depot in Hollywood, North Hollywood, or downtown. I know this does not deter some people, but Amtrak picks up right in Westwood and will deposit you in Davis.

Hope this helps!