Walk Score added a new feature called "Gotta Have" to their apartment rental search service. If you know you'd like a grocery store within a 10 minute walk of your new future home or an elementary school within a 5 minute stroll, this feature is just for you.

First, you type in your desired neighborhood, city or zip to begin your search. Then you can add certain Gotta Haves such as walkable restaurants or coffee shops you'd like nearby. You can also add car shares like Zipcar to your Gotta Haves to know that you'll be within a 10 minute walk of a short term rental when you need one.

When you find an apartment you're interested in,  you can click on "Show Nearby" and view nearby amenities to make sure you've found the right place for you.

And, as always, Walk Score also allows you to search for apartments by commute time (using various modes of transportation including biking, walking, public transit and driving) and distance from public transit stops. Get some exercise, help cut down traffic congestion, save the environment and find your home sweet home.

How important is walkability for you? Would you choose your home based on walkability?