Zimride has come up with a terrific series of tips and tricks on how to best use their service to find your perfect carpool match.

When you go to www.zimride.com/ucla, you can limit your search to fellow Bruins and use your Facebook account to find a friend (of a friend of a friend) to ride with. It's helpful to keep in mind that Zimride is basically a marketplace for potential ride sharers. You want your ride to stand out so you can attract a great partner to carpool with!

Some practical tips include specifying how much storage space your car has (especially if you're driving to the mountains for a ski or snowboarding trip) and if your ride is pet-friendly. Zimriders with precious pooches and felines will definitely appreciate carpooling with a fellow animal lover.

In addition to your route, include an itinerary with planned pit stops or places you'd like to visit along the way. You can earn some extra cash, possibly make a new best friend and help save the environment in a single drive.