Many of us would rather stay off the road on rainy days to keep ourselves dry, but riding in the wet weather does not have to be a frustrating experience if we know how to gear up and dress appropriately for the rain.

What to wear
You don't necessarily need fancy, professional cycling clothes to bike in the rain. You can also go a long way with just a waterproof jacket and a simple pair of rain pants!

  • Wear a lightweight and water-resistant jacket that is good enough to keep you warm. Stay away from bulky clothes to ensure flexibility for movement and to avoid the risk of overheating.
  • To keep your work attire dry, wear a pair of baggy rain pants over your outfit and prevent rain from dripping into your shoes. Just peel the rain pants off once you get indoor, and you'll find your outfit dry and wrinkle-free.
  • It's also a good idea to bring a change of footwear and an extra pair of socks just in case they get wet.
  • If it gets really cold outside, a headband or hat under your helmet can slow down heat loss from your body. Try not to wear a hood, as it can block your view when you turn your head.

Gear up your bike

  • The key to keeping your ankles dry is to install fenders on your bicycle. If you do not already have fenders on your bike, it is definitely worth it to spend $15-$25 to keep your shoes away from the muddy water.
  • Have a shower cap or plastic bag handy so you can cover your bike seat while it is parked out in the rain.
  • It can be dangerous if car drivers have difficulty seeing through foggy car windows. It is important to make yourself visible with your front and rear bike lights.

While having fun in the rain, remember to slow down your bike, brake early and avoid making sharp turns. Also, stay clear from slippery surfaces, like metal surfaces, wet leaves and oil slicks. You would also want to avoid running into puddles because it is usually hard to tell how deep they are. You do not want to plunge into a pothole or make anyone else wet.

Remember to stay dry, warm and safe in the rain. Happy biking!