Be a role model and inspire others to be a considerate and polite transit rider. Here are some public transit etiquette tips that can help you to be a more likeable transit rider!



  1. Allow passengers to exit before you board
    Don't get on the bus just yet. Take a few seconds to check if any passengers or wheelchairs are getting off from the front door before you get on.
  2. Be prepared
    Avoid those embarrassing moments of searching for your flash pass or bus fare frantically at the farebox. If you need more time to pull those out from your bag or pocket, let the people behind you go first.
  3. Keep the line moving
    Got a question to ask the bus operator? Don’t hold up the line of boarding passengers. Let others get on the bus first, then ask your question.


  1. Reserve seats near the front
    The priority seats are reserved for the elderly, pregnant women and those with physical disabilities. Be sure that all these individuals are seated before you take any empty seats near the front.
  2. Take only one seat
    Help to free up as many seats as possible. Do not to put your belongings on the seat next to you, especially when the bus is crowded. Place them either on the floor out of the way of other passengers or place them on your lap.
  3. Fill the window seats first
    Window seats are the best. Try to take the window seat first, so that you won't have to move if a passenger wants to take the empty seat next to you (especially if you plan on taking a longer ride). Enjoy the view!
  4. Keep both feet on the ground
    Nobody likes dirty seats! Keep your feet off the seats and place them on the ground. It is also the most comfortable and space-saving posture to sit so other passengers can use the seats around you.


  1. Stand away from the doors
    Leave the area near the exit clear so that passengers can get off the bus quickly without having to force their way through a crowd at the exit.
  2. Hold onto handrails
    You never know when the bus will make a sudden turn or brake. Holding firmly onto a handrail is the safest way to go and will prevent you from using the rider next to you as a landing cushion if you fall.
  3. Remove your backpack from your back
    Watch out for seated passengers behind you. Be careful not to knock someone over with your backpack!


  1. Be predictable
    Don't want the bus operator to drive off with your bicycle still on the rack? Let the bus operator know in advance which stop you will be getting off so that he/she is aware that you need to unload your bicycle.
  2. Fold the bike rack when you're done
    Return the bike rack to its original folded position if you are the last one to unload a bicycle. It only takes two seconds!


  1. Talk softly
    WHETHER YOU ARE... whether you are talking on the phone or chatting with a friend next to you, keep your speaking volume a little lower than usual.
  2. Use earphones
    If you'd like to listen to music or play video games with sound effects, wear earphones or keep the volume as low as possible so that the sound will not create disturbance to others on the bus.
  3. Keep your eyes on your own phone
    Ever feel violated when someone stares at your phone while you are on Instagram or texting? Don't be that person! Respect your fellow transit rider's privacy.
  4. Do not leave trash on the bus
    Do not leave any trash on the seats or the floor. Take it with you when you get off the bus.
  5. Be friendly
    Keep a smile on your face to brighten someone's day. Or even better, give someone a hand if they need help, like a person in wheelchair or someone who needs directions.