bike7During its entire lifetime on the road, one single car outputs 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air. Just one car is also responsible for an additional 40 pounds of worn brake debris, tire particles and worn road surfaces, according to experts from the Bike to Work Day initiative. From the plastic in the seats to the paint on the exterior, cars are major economical wastes. While hybrid cars are substantially more sustainable than their traditional four-wheeled counterparts, bikes still reign supreme as one of the most eco-friendly methods of transportation. Here’s how you can take your bike riding to the next, sustainable level while getting around UCLA.

Eco-Friendly Bike Helmets

Since you’ve already made one good-for-the-Earth choice, why not make another? Add a lineup of eco-friendly gear to your bike accessory arsenal to take another step in the right direction. There are nearly 1,000 fatal bike-related crashes each year, making helmets an important biking accessory. Whether you’re biking around campus or to and from your job, a helmet is a must.

But all helmets are not created equal and some are bad for the environment. Not Thousand’s new eco-friendly, techy helmet though. Thousand’s helmets are made in ethically minded factories from sustainable products and feature straps made of vegan leather and a magnetic closure. The helmet makers even exceeded the existing safety requirements.

Pedal-Powered Device Chargers

The innovative minds at SIVA have created a pedal-powered device charger that keep new smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 charged wherever, whenever. The charger works with devices including iPhones, Android phones, GPS devices and GoPros. When you’re ready for a charge, insert the USB and you’re good to go to produce clean energy. Although it’s new, the charger has already received praise from TechCrunch, CNN and The Wall Street Journal.

Bike Rentals at UCLA

It’s no secret that UCLA is a bicycle-friendly community. In fact, according to data reported by UCLA, more than 3,000 students commute to campus via bike. However, not everyone takes a sustainable commute. So, the university has created a series of improvements that make the campus even more bike friendly.

The addition of bike lanes, bike boxes and campus bike rental shops has made cycling around UCLA more approachable for those who aren’t already getting around on two wheels. The UCLA Bike Library offers students an inexpensive bike rental for a full quarter. The shop even gives employees a two-week free rental.

Earth-Minded Bike Storage

UCLA has over 3,000 bike racks on campus that are free for students and faculty to use. This encourages the community’s riders to use their bikes instead of their cars when they commute to and from the university. Unlike parking garages or lots, bike storage has a low economical impact.

To keep your bike secure, use an eco-friendly bike lock. Ellipse is just one of the many eco-friendly bike lock options available today. The solar-powered bike lock does not require a key and instead is operated via a smartphone app. You can even get alerts delivered to your smartphone if the lock or your bike is tampered with while you’re in class or behind your desk.