Why not thank the driver of your carpool or vanpool this holiday season by giving them one of these thoughtful gifts to lighten their day?

Heated Travel Mug

Heated Travel Mug ($19.99)

This heated travel mug will keep your driver's beverage warm in the car (it has a 12V adapter for your vehicle) and at his or her desk by plugging into a USB port. Show your appreciation by keeping your driver's coffee piping hot throughout your rides.



AAA Emergency Car Kit

Emergency Car Kit ($22.77)

This 42-piece road assistance kit from AAA will help keep you and your driver safe in unexpected emergencies. It includes a booster cable, flashlight, AA batteries, an emergency poncho, safety vest, duct tape, various tools and 19 pieces of first aid.


Smartphone Car Mount

Smartphone Car Mount ($19.99)

The iOttie HLCRIO102 One Touch Windshield Dashboard Universal Car Mount Holder can mount an iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C, Galaxy S4/S3/S2 and HTC One DROID RAZR HD. The suction cup bottom can mount to the windshield or any other smooth and flat surface. Any driver will appreciate having their phone safely available for hands-free calling and GPS navigation.

Tree-Air-FreshnerCarwash detailing gift certificate

Let your driver start off the new year right with a freshly detailed car. Give them a gift certificate for a deluxe detailing package at a local car wash by their home. Complete the package by including a nice greeting card and a green tree freshener to hang in their vehicle. Every time they see that hanging tree, they'll think of you.


If you're a driver, thank your carpool and vanpool passengers for their company with these ride-enhancing gifts:

audibleAudiobooks ($5.99 and up)

Help your fellow road warriors zoom through their reading lists with audiobooks from Audible. They can get through a couple hours of listening each day during your commute. Audible allows you to give single books as gifts or monthly memberships, and many books are read by familiar celebrity voices including Claire Danes and Colin Firth.


Sony MDR-NC7/BLK Noise Canceling On-Ear HeadphonesNoise canceling headphones ($31.95)

These Sony MDR-NC7/BLK Noise Canceling On-Ear Headphones are the perfect accessory for any carpool or vanpool passenger. Its noise cancellation feature can be turned on and off and it folds for easy transport. Let your riders sit back and relax while they listen to music (or an audiobook!) during your gas, money and carbon emission-saving commutes.



Muffin_NIHHomemade travel snacks

For the DIYers out there, why not put together a group of travel-friendly snacks for your riders? Homemade granola or muffins will put a smile on all of your fellow carpoolers' faces. Complete the gesture by giving out small denomination Starbucks gift cards for a thoughtful and budget-friendly gift.


204442998dwTravel sleep aids and accessories

It may take an individual with a certain level of self-confidence to use the UpRight Sleeper from SkyMall (pictured here) while traveling, but there are plenty of other sleep aids to make your passengers' rides that much more comfortable. Throw in some ear plugs and a sleep mask and they'll love their commute more than ever before.