81sfrJSbP+L._SL1500_Infuser Water Bottle ($14.39)

Bring a new angle to your favorite transit rider's water by giving them this Infuser Water Bottle. With a minimal, all-transparent design and a convenient infuser to hold fruit or flavoring, your friend will be able to stay hydrated in a much more fun way. The flavor combinations are endless: How about mint + cucumber? Or orange + pineapple? Or they can even add tea bags to the infuser the night before and wake up to freshly brewed iced tea the next morning.

il_570xN.325647259Minimalist Transit Map Poster ($20)

Give your favorite transit rider a cool poster of the Los Angeles transit system to hang on their wall. Screenprinted by hand, this poster will bring a creative flair to any rider's home. Also comes in yellow/gray and black/white.



Los Angeles Metro OnesieMetro Fan Gear (price varies)

Check out Metro's online store for fun T-shirts, pins and tumblers that will show everyone how much your recipient loves the Los Angeles Metro. Even the youngest riders can show their budding transit enthusiasm in a stylish "Future Metro Rider" onesie or an adorable T-shirt for toddlers that (rightfully) proclaims, "LA's Cutest Rider." For those who pair their public transit commute with a bike ride, how about an "Every Lane is a Bike Lane" T-shirt?    



Thermos ($28.98)

This heavy duty mug from Thermos will keep your drink hot for a full eight hours and is durable enough for heavy use and travel. It's also leak proof so it can be easily tossed into a backpack or shoulder bag with no worries. This bottle is also equipped with a single button that opens the top lid for drinking, allowing easy one-hand use. Comes in four different colors.


KS-slate-02-lg._V399249911_Kindle ($69)

E-readers are becoming more and more affordable, and that's great news for the transit rider on your gift list. The basic Kindle comes with built-in Wi-Fi and one-month (!) battery life. Save a few trees by leaving paperbacks on the shelf and giving your friend access to millions of books on one screen. They can even check out kindle books from their local library for free.


Santa Monica transit token

Santa Monica Municipal Bus Line Token Necklace ($79.99)

Give this lovely and fashionable necklace to your favorite Santa Monica transit rider so they can show off their civic pride. This sterling silver necklace is handmade with a real vintage Santa Monica token and on an 18" long chain. Your recipient will love this unique and elegant gift!


EverpurseEverpurse ($189 and up)

Give a one-of-a-kind gift that originated on Kickstarter: The Everpurse. This purse allows your gift recipients to recharge their iPhone or Galaxy S by simply dropping it into an interior pocket! There are no cords and no manual docking involved. The Everpurse comes in several different styles and colors. To recharge the purse, just drop it on a flat charging mat at home.