Touchscreen Gloves

People can now use their smartphones while walking in the cold without having to take off their gloves. These touchscreen gloves are weaved out of conductive threads, which allow users to touch their smartphone screen with precision while keeping their hands warm!



Legwarmers are great holiday stocking stuffers for the ladies. Not only do legwarmers keep your calves and ankles warm, they can also be very fashionable paired with heels, flats or boots. A practical and pretty gift for walkers!




This is not just a watch. The Pebble is a rechargable device that allows users to read their smartphone notifications on their wrist without having to pull their phone out. Users can read their text messages, check their calendar and even find out their walking pace!



Sealable Phone Protector

This sealable phone protector will make a great gift for your friend who is obsessed with his/her iPhone. This waterproof case protects your friends' smartphones from moisture even when they are walking in the rain. The protector also maintains all touchscreen capabilities.



Sweatproof Earphones

These sweatproof in-ear headphones are great for fitness enthusiasts who enjoy listening to music while walking. Apart from being extremely light-weight and comfortable, it also has an anti-bacterial agent that kills germs.



Wrist Weights

Help a friend burn a few more calories with these thumblock wrist weights. These wrist weights come in 2 lbs and 4 lbs. They add a little more challenge to a normal walking routine, but offer many more benefits including building upper body muscles.