When I got home on Friday, the first thing my boyfriend insisted I do was sit down to watch TV. Mind you, I had just ridden my bike 6.5 miles home from UCLA. I just wanted some water. But boyfriend insisted it was important and would touch the hearts of BeAGreenCommuter readers everywhere.

This is because while we were at work on Friday, the Today Show ran a segment called "Commuter Challenge", where they portrayed Matt, Al, and Meredith using different modes to commute to work. Meredith went SOV (that's shorthand for single occupant vehicle, or drive-alone); Matt rode the subway; and Al rode his own folding bike, which he bought from NYCE Bikes.

Who do you think won?

I don't know Manhattan well enough to know the starting point, but many commuter cyclists will tell you that they often beat public transit heartily on distances under 5 miles. Al, our cyclist, won here.

Self's editor-in-chief appeared to briefly display bike options. She directed people to check out Self's bike guide online. (Preview: J.Lo shares her tips for triathlon training. Mad props to her!)