IMG_1715Our second winner of the Commute Stories contest is Daniel Cheng, who works at the Jonathan & Karin Fielding School of Public Health. Daniel showed his heroism when he stopped to help an injured bicyclist. Even when he's not at work, he doesn't hesitate to help people in need.

Daniel, for how long have you been cycling to campus?

I've been working both off and on campus for over ten years and commute by bike on Wilshire Blvd between the worksites. Cycling gives me a lot of flexibility when I go back and forth between the two locations. I am not affected by traffic and don't have to look for parking.

Do you remember any particularly memorable event that happened on your way to work?

Yes, definitely. Last year, on Wilshire & Veteran near the Federal Building, I came across a fellow biker who had badly cut her foot. She was bleeding and in pain.

Wasn't there anybody around who could have helped her?

Several bystanders were just standing there, appropriately standing by. They didn't help her. I got out my first aid kit and gloves and applied pressure to stem the flow while directing folks to call 9-1-1.

What happened afterwards?

It took awhile for the fire truck to get there even though the station is just up the street because they were on another call but eventually they arrived and took care of business. I then went to work and I was late for a conference call, but I didn't mind.

Did you ever encounter a similar situation afterwards?

Yes, actually on the very same day!  On my bike commute home, I came across a person who was hit by a car, so I stopped to help until the paramedics arrived.

What did you learn from these experiences?

I always carry a fist-aid kit on me when I'm biking.  After these incidents, I now carry a few more disposable gloves and gauze bandages! Also, I'm going to use a part of the $30 prize to buy some extra equipment for the first-aid kit.